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About The Metal Club

The Metal Club is a heavy metal community created by a passionate team addicted to heavy metal music.

The idea pops up during a sold out concert in Brazil in 2013. During this concert, one of the founders realized that heavy metal was crossing generations. There were fathers and sons, lovers, moms, teenagers, girls from different ages and old dudes.

You all have heard at least once that we should all do and work with what we like and makes us happy. Off course, most of the times, unfortunately, this doesn’t happen. In this case, this guy started to think what kind of service he would like to have in his hands that still didn't exist. The rest is in front of you right now.

The Metal Club wants to be the largest and the best website for heavy metal worldwide.

We believe there are thousands of amazing bands from different heavy metal styles and millions of headbangers that deserve to be matched. These wonderful still unknown heavy metal songs must be brought to our audience. The Metal Club wants also to recognize the greatest bands, album and songs of all times. And we want you to be part of it. You should determine that.

The Metal Club is a global heavy metal community created by a passionate team addicted to heavy metal music that offers different kind of services from rankings, owned collection and concerts attended to personalized recommendation of songs.

We believe our users like to share their common and rare collections and find out what their favorite artists and albums are. Yes, we’ve developed special algorithms that help us to give you this feedback.

We trust heavy metal fans could be reviewers sharing grades for single songs that would turn to album grades on and on. And after reviewing one single album, you start receiving personalized recommendations.

We look forward to see you; long-time heavy metal fan or someone that has just found out that heavy metal is a great type of music that will simply never die, collaborating and building the strongest heavy metal community in the world.

Learn more about how The Metal Club website works

Personalized Recommendations

There is a mathematic algorithm that calculates the recommendation of songs by user. You just need to rate fully one album to start receiving yours. As any algorithm that deals with data, the more you rate, the more assertive TMC recommendations tend to be.

Bands Ranking

This ranking is very based on the scores users give to each album. After users rate all songs of an album, points are added to respective band. As more users rate albums of a band, better positioned in the ranking this band will be.


We believe heavy metal fans like to share what they have in their collection. We can’t explain why. This is simply part of our heavy metal culture. Some of you have been collecting items for so many years that makes us want to recognize that !!!

We’ve elected three types – vinyl, cd and digital – for you to add an album to your collection. We advise you not to consider streaming as part of your digital collection since streaming, in concept, does not relate to ownership, but make use of something. We’re definitively not against music streaming. We just think this is the fairest criteria among users for operating the website.