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Manowar #12 (general) #6 (Heavy Metal)

country: United States

Manowar is an American heavy metal band from Auburn New York. Formed in 1980, the group is known for lyrics based on fantasy (particularly swords and sorcery) and mythology (particularly Norse mythology). The band is also known for a loud and bombastic sound. In 1984 the band was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for delivering the loudest performance, a record which they have since broken on 2 occasions. They also hold the world record for the longest heavy metal concert after playing for 5 hours and 1 minute in Bulgaria in 2008. They also have been known for their slogan "Death to false metal".

Although the band has never been a mainstream commercial success in the United States, they maintain a strong cult following there. In contrast, they are extremely popular in the heavy metal scene in Europe and South America. Dedicated fans are known and referred to by the band as "Metal Warriors", "Manowarriors", "Immortals" or "Brothers of Metal".


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Member's Concerts

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  • #1


    44 years old, male, Brazil
    3 concerts
  • #2

    Stuntman Michel

    42 years old, male, France
    3 concerts
  • #3


    53 years old, male, Cyprus
    2 concerts
  • #4

    Bruno Medeiros

    34 years old, male, Brazil
    1 concerts
  • #5

    Marcos Paulo Nascimento

    46 years old, male, Brazil
    1 concerts

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