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Insulter #2269 (general) #203 (Death Metal & Black Metal)

country: Germany

Insulter, is a black thrash metal band from Friedrichsdorf / Germany, and was founded in 2006!

In 2008 the band played their first show, supporting the legendary Witchburner!

Since 2010, after several line-up changes, the Band shows up with Unholy Masochist (Voice), Alcoholic Patrolator (Guitar), Michi von Einst (Bass-Guitar) and Infernal Firedemon (Drums). 

With the current line-up, the band played several shows in the Frankfurt-Area and will do more in the future. 2013 they played outside of Germany for the first time on Malta. Insulter released the band’s first CD “Thrashing hell” with 3 Killer-Tracks in March 2012! 2015, after playing Netherlands for the first, and Malta for the 3nd time, the band recorded their first Longplayer "Crypts Of Satan" which was released on April 8th, 2016 on Witches Brew/Left Hand Path Records. End of 2016 Unholy Masochist decided to leave the band. Insulter will continue with Alcoholic Patrolator (Guitar + Vocals), MvE (Bass + Vocals), Infernal Firedemon (Drums). In february 2018 the band released it‘s second album “The Misanthrope“.



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